Organize your Speed-Jobbing!

Our interactive platform enables employers to network with job seekers in a brief period of time, regardless of their geographical location.

Do you have multiple job positions to fill?

Does your business have offices or stores in different cities?

Simplify your efforts by using our platform.

Looking to arrange a fast-paced networking event between suppliers and clients?

Our platform can streamline your recruitment efforts.

Speed-Jobbing, Job-Dating or Express Interviews. What term should be used?

Speed-Jobbing, Speed-Recruiting, Express Interviews, Express Meetings, Quick Interviews, Timed Interviews, Timed Meetings, Job Dating are all words we heard when we started working in employability events. They all mean the same thing.

We decided to use the term Speed-Jobbing because our clientele is bilingual (French and English) and we believe that this term reaches both French-speaking and English-speaking Canadians, but if you wish, you can replace the term Speed-Jobbing by the term that suits you best!

How a Speed-Jobbing works

Speed-Jobbing is a timed job interview process. It allows an employer to meet several candidates in a short period of time. The duration of the event varies depending on the number of positions to be filled, the time allocated for interviews and the number of candidates present.

Optimize your pre-selection by meeting multiple candidates in a few hours. 

Meet multiple suppliers in a brief timeframe.


The meetings are conducted directly on our videoconference platform. The candidate’s profile is accessible during the video call.


Determine the length of your meeting 10/15/20 minutes.


A specific meeting time is assigned to each participant.


The platform is available in French or English.

During the events

Participants’ questions will be directly answered in the virtual room.

No download

No download is needed. Our platform is web-based.

Recruit globally!

Speed up your pre-screening process with our business solution. Our software allows several recruiters in the same virtual meeting room to conduct virtual screening interviews.

New world, new era!

Below are examples of our events:

Mass Recruitment:

  • 400 selected job seekers;
  • 18 virtual meeting rooms;
  • 10-minute meetings;
  • 625 planned meetings.

International Recruitment:

  • 71 chosen candidates;
  • 13 participating companies;
  • 12-minute meetings;
  • 287 planned meetings.

Join employers and thousands of others users

Customer testimonials

{«It was a great event, I think 10 minutes is about the right amount of time but the 3-minute breaks are quite short to rate our interview. The candidates were well prepared, they were all very professional and definitely well-coached. I loved the experience! The event was well organized!»
Jolyann Boulay-Gourre
Recruitment Coordinator
{«The platform is very ergonomic and easy to use and worked perfectly during the interviews. »
Job seeker
{«I am very satisfied with the organization. I congratulate the whole team on this opportunity. I had the chance and pleasure to meet 3 new employers. It’s really a great experience that I will never forget.»
Job seeker

Speed-Jobbing: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a Speed-Jobbing online?

Timelines will vary depending on your project. We are able to give you access to your platform 48 hours after the agreement is signed.

However, if we consider the promotion of the event, the sale of virtual kiosks, and the selection of speakers you can count on 3 to 8 weeks on average.

What technical support do you offer?

We can support you before, during and after the event. You will choose the type of support you want.

Is your software available in several languages?

Yes. Currently, our software is available in French or English.

How long are the meetings in Speed-Jobbing?

The length of the meetings depends on the number of candidates to meet, your objectives and your resources. There is no such project. Normally, clients schedule 10-minute meetings. You can schedule 12 – 15 – 20 minutes. You decide.

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