Organize your Virtual Fairs!

Our SVI platform is intuitive and user-friendly. It will allow you to manage your event with confidence.

New world, new era! 

No more travelling! Visitors and exhibitors can now sit in front of their computer screens, tablets or smartphones and chat with each other, courtesy our Virtual Fair (VF).

Essential features for successful virtual events!

Customize your virtual fair based on your own graphic standards.

A project leader will assist you throughout the entire process.

Different virtual kiosk models are offered and many other features are available.

No need to download any application. Our platform is web-based.


Connect to the virtual fair via your computer, tablet, or smartphone!


Establish the duration of your virtual fair.

Virtual room

Create virtual rooms to exchange with visitors via videoconference.


Organize conferences for participants attending your virtual fair.

Virtual kiosk

Integrate job postings, PDFs, photos and videos representing your company.

Chat in real time

Sharing information via chat.


Retrieve data from our statistical tools to analyze visitor’s interests.

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Find the information quickly.

Virtual Job Fair

The Virtual Job Fair combines the benefits of a conventional job fair with the extensive capabilities of the Web.

Attract job seekers outside your labour pool.

Recruit new talent.

Optimize your time and resources.

Some employers participating in our virtual shows

Customer testimonials

{«It was in September 2017 that I had the opportunity to meet Patrick Lacroix, Director of Virtual Job Fairs for the first time. Since that time, I have been doing business with Patrick, who is the technical director of our virtual job fair Not only do Patrick's ideas, creativity and professionalism make him an open-minded and visionary technical director, his interpersonal skills and his concern for customer satisfaction are at the heart of his professional activities. Many employers have spoken highly of him and his expertise with I highly recommend Patrick Lacroix's will always be satisfied and never disappointed!" »
Janine Messadié
Project Manager,
{«For us, exhibitors, being part of a virtual salon increases our business opportunities. This innovative concept allows visitors to interact online or to communicate with us by email or phone. In addition to our virtual kiosk, we can rely on a shared resource to write blogs and manage social networks. This strategy enhances our chances of generating business. »
Guy Côté
President, Tuba Inc.
{«The creation of the Ground Transportation Cluster Virtual Trade fair has allowed our members to grow their web presence. The goal of the fair is to develop new markets helping members to generate business. The current results of the virtual fair have surpassed the initial objectives we had established! As a cluster, a fair is a valuable tool for sharing and promoting our competitive advantages." »
Vincent Dugré
Vincent Dugré Vice President of Operations, Pôle d'excellence québécois en transport terrestre.
{«I wanted to thank you for all your work and support towards the June 2022 EVF! It was a great success and a great collaboration :)»
Lisa Breau
Connexions Francophones
{«For us, the show was a great success. Despite the first day that was quite a bit slower, we hired 8 candidates, mostly from Brazil. The quality of the candidates from this part of the world is excellent! It is guaranteed that if the event is offered again for a second year, we will participate. »
Geneviève Bilodeau
Business Partner Talent Acquisition, CGI

Virtual Fair: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to put a virtual event online?

Timelines will vary depending on your project. We are able to give you access to your platform 48 hours after the agreement is signed. However, if we consider the promotion of the event, the sale of virtual kiosks, and the selection of speakers you can count on 6 to 8 weeks on average.

What technical support do you offer?

We can support you before, during and after the event. You will choose the type of support you want.

Is your software available in several languages?

Yes. Currently, our software is available in French and English.

Is it complicated to create a virtual kiosk?

No, it’s not complicated to create a virtual booth. On average, exhibitors take 3o to 60 minutes to complete their virtual booth. We also have an instruction manual and videos to help you complete your virtual booth. We also offer training webinars.

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