create a Virtual community!

On a dedicated web platform, participants have access to webinars, online training, tools, they will have a space to discuss their practices.

Several features:


Create training for your members.

Survey / Quiz

Keep your participants engaged.

Virtual Events

Broadcast virtual events.


No downloads are needed.  Available for Windows, macOS and Linux as well as iOS and Android OS.


Public and private discussion to community members.

No limit

Increase your members over time.

Add multiple applications!

You can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or your favourite video conferencing apps on our platform.

Our platform allows you to add links to relevant websites for your event.

New era, new method! 

Participating Companies

Virtual events: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a virtual event online?

Depending on your need, we are able to give you access to your platform 10 days after the agreement is signed.

Timelines will vary depending on your project.

How many virtual rooms are available during your events?

You can have as many virtual rooms as you want.

What are the features of your virtual rooms?

Our virtual rooms include several functionalities such as Sharing screen, video, PDF documents, the possibility for participants to raise their hands, you can create surveys, use emojis, participants can ask questions via chat, etc.

Can we schedule networking meetings?

Yes, you can schedule networking meetings. You can do this either through the virtual rooms and/or through express meetings.

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