Case study

Business meeting and conferences

Here is an example of a Virtual Event that we organized.

Duration of the event: 1 day

Profile or our customers

Organizers: High School, College, University, Large Enterprise, Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Economic Development Corporation, Business Group, Sectoral Committees, Employability Organizations

Visitors: Job Seekers, Business People, Students
Employers, Companies, Organizations, Institutions

Overview of the event

The aim of this event is to provide visitors with the opportunity to acquire information on subjects related to the business world. To fulfill this objective, our client will use the SVI platform to host a series of virtual conferences; visitors can watch live or on replay. In between the conferences, visitors can visit virtual booths hosted by partner companies and interact with them if they have questions. Moreover, exhibitors can customize their virtual booth by adding their company’s logo, documents, videos, images and virtual rooms.

The client used their database to promote the event and invested in marketing efforts to increase attendance. This event attracted four hundred seventy-five participants (475)!

Our mandat

Our mandate was to train the event organizer on utilizing our platform effectively and to maximize the success of their event. To achieve this, we arranged two training sessions, and supplementary meetings for clarification, and made our technical team available to respond to any questions the client had during the event.

The results

Ninety percent (90%) of the conferences were conducted live, while the remaining were pre-recorded. Following the completion of the live lectures, recordings of the conferences were made available on the platform for those who missed the opportunity to view the conference live. This provided access to the conferences for all attendees.




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Our virtual platforms welcomed between 100 and 12,000 visitors per event.

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