Case study

Career Day (High School)

Here is an example of a Career Day for a high student that we organized.

Duration of the event: 3 hours

Profile or our customers

Organizers: High School, College, University, Large Enterprise, Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Economic Development Corporation, Business Group, Sectoral Committees, Employability Organizations

Visitors: Job Seekers, Business People, Students
Employers, Companies, Organizations, Institutions

Overview of the event

Our client held a Careers Forum for high school students, which provided them with the opportunity to attend online conferences and connect with academic institutions and businesses. Companies and universities were able to create virtual kiosks featuring documents, videos, images, and virtual rooms for communication with students.

The SVI platform allowed students to access information about the participating companies and university programs from their classrooms or homes. The 3-hour event provided 260 students with the chance to attend conferences and interact with multiple employers.

Our mandat

-Provide training to our clients in order for them to effectively manage the event from start to finish on the SVI platform;
-Be accessible via email throughout the event to answer any technical questions that may arise.

The results

The career day was highly successful! The client successfully and confidently managed the event without any complications. The 3-hour event provided 260 students with the opportunity to attend conferences, interact with multiple employers, and learn about the various curriculums offered by universities.




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