Case study

Virtual Speed-Jobbing

Here is a Speed-Jobbing (Massive Recruitment) project that we conducted.

Duration of the event: 3 half-days

Profile or our customers

Organizers: High School, College, University, Large Enterprise, Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Economic Development Corporation, Business Group, Sectoral Committees, Employability Organizations

Visitors: Job Seekers, Business People, Students
Exhibitors (Partners):
Employers, Companies, Organizations, Institutions

Overview of the event

Our client, a multi-recruiter HR team, had over 100 people to recruit in the coming weeks. Each recruiter had a specific objective. Managers who were interested in participating in some interviews to expedite the screening process could have access. Time was of the essence for our client. After considering the client’s current situation and assessing their specific needs, we determined that 18 virtual rooms would be required.

The Virtual Speed-Jobbing format allows for 10-minute sessions, which took place over the course of three half days to ensure the availability of all participants. To kick off the recruitment campaign, the client sent emails to potential candidates in their database and launched an online advertising campaign. Job seekers could apply for one or more positions by a certain date. After receiving applications, the client began screening candidates.

Four hundred (400) job seekers participated in the event. On the SJV platform, each participant had access to their meeting schedule, including the meeting time, the person’s name and CV, and a private virtual meeting room. Managers with specific access could drop in on virtual meetings between a recruiter and a candidate.

Our mandat

We designed a small website that was customized with the client’s corporate colors and logo. The website provided information about the event, available job positions, and application forms for job seekers. We also provided our client with our standard document templates. We scheduled meetings between participants. We sent personalized schedules to the participants 48 hours before the event and offered training for the participants. Our technical team was present during the event to ensure everything ran smoothly.

The results

Our client experienced a significant return on investment. In just three afternoons, 625 meetings were scheduled with 400 different individuals. The active participation of managers in job interviews expedited the process of recruiting candidates for key positions.

Job seekers

Recruiters + Managers


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