Case study

Virtual Career Fair

Here is an example of a Virtual Career Fair that we organized.

Duration of the event: 5 Days

Profile or our customers

Organizers: High School, College, University, Large Enterprise, Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Economic Development Corporation, Business Group, Sectoral Committees, Employability Organizations

Visitors: Job Seekers, Business People, Students
Employers, Companies, Organizations, Institutions

Overview of the event

Due to the pandemic, our client needed to find a new way to fill various positions in multiple departments. They chose to use our virtual platform, SVI, to organize a Virtual Career Fair and fulfill their staffing requirements. Participants were required to register for the event before and during the fair through the SVI platform. Each department created its own virtual booth, displaying job offers and videos and images.

The client also launched a web-based promotional campaign to attract job seekers to the Virtual Fair to discover job opportunities. Job seekers had full access to 35 virtual booths, which included direct job application, live chat with recruiters, access to recruiter’s virtual rooms (based on the recruiter’s availability) and the ability to watch live or pre-recorded conferences. A total of 11,575 job seekers participated in the Virtual Career fair!

Our mandat

The SVI platform was customized to reflect the client’s corporate identity by incorporating their colours, logo, and images. Different roles were created within the platform, providing varying levels of access and permissions for different users.

To ensure a successful event, training was provided to the designated “point person” to manage the event from start to finish. A comprehensive training playbook was also created to address any questions they may have. Additionally, our technical team was on hand throughout the event to provide assistance and answer any questions.

The results

A total of 11,575 individuals participated in the Virtual Career Fair. Many of these visitors were interested in job opportunities and submitted their resumes to employers at the fair. Employers had access to these resumes and were able to reach out to job seekers after the event.




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