Case study

Networking between immigrant persons and employers

Here is an example of a Networking session we organized.

Duration of the event: 3 hours

Profile or our customers

Organizers: High School, College, University, Large Enterprise, Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Economic Development Corporation, Business Group, Sectoral Committees, Employability Organizations

Visitors: Job Seekers, Business People, Students
Employers, Companies, Organizations, Institutions

Overview of the event

Our client offers French courses to new immigrants to Canada who are seeking employment. The client uses the SJV platform to connect these newcomers with employers. Twenty employers (20) employers participated in the event. Before the event, employers provided information about their staffing needs for their company.

The client then matched job seeker profiles to those needs. Once we received this match from the client, we added the information to our platform. Each participant received a link to their schedule via email 48 hours before the event. This email allowed them to access the platform and view their meeting schedule. Employers were able to view the resumes of candidates through the platform and private virtual rooms. Job seekers could see the names of the employer and recruiter and access the virtual room. The event generated 208 meetings over a 3-hour period.

Our mandat

Our mandate was to provide dedicated support to the client and actively monitor the event’s operations to guarantee a seamless experience.

The results

With a staggering 95% participation rate, the event was a resounding success. The majority of job seekers in attendance were able to secure employment, highlighting the event’s effectiveness in connecting job seekers with potential employers. Overall, the event was well-received and deemed a success.



Meetings in 3 hours

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